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AB05 MSC Center Incubator
63000 Cyberjaya,
Tel : 603-83138000
Fax : 603-831838017
Shah Alam

27A- Jln Tengku Ampuan
Zabedah B9/B, Seksyen 9,
40100 Shah Alam,
Tel : 603-55101808
Fax : 603-55121808
Kota Bharu

Lot 1731, Tingkat 1, Seksyen 24,
Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra,
15150 Kota Bharu.
Tel : 609-7419188
Fax : 609-7419189
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iKED Systems Sdn Bhd (which was formerly known as Serambi Saujana) is a 100% Bumiputera owned company that initially began it's operation in January 1994 in general business activities and was relatively inactive. The company was restructured and reactivated commencing from July 1999 after the change of directorship and identified Information and Communication Technology related activities as its core business operation.

The company is led by a number of genuine bumiputra entrepreneurs and professionals, and currently having staff strength of 15 people of whom are mostly software engineers and multimedia graduates.

iKED Systems Sdn Bhd, offers services in software development, management, and maintenance, multimedia development, systems and programming, mechatronic engineering, internet technology, web portal, computer training and networking (WAN & (LAN). We also specialized in Jawi and Arabic Based Application.

e-FAMSS is a database management that assists the school management according to the financial and accounting system.The system consists of 5main modules which are Kutipan Yuran Pelajar, Buku Tunai, Pembelian & Pembayaran, Daftar Bil and Stok.
e-PAUBB is an analysis system that assist the teacher and school management in making achievement analysis though the examination for the Program Perluasan Juara (PPPJ) project.

Jawi Pro Ofis Versi 5.0

Jawi Pro Ofis V5 is one of the innovative application package consists of four main modules:
1. Jawi Pro Kalam (Word Procesor)
2. Jawi Pro E-mel (Email)
3. Jawi Pro Daftar Istilah (Dictionary)
4. Jawi Pro Doa

Jawi Pro Tutor 2.0

Jawi Pro Tutor is an application for learning Jawi which comprises of 5 modules :
1. Modul Mengenal Huruf
2. Modul Membaca
3. Modul Mengeja
4. Modul Menulis
5. Modul Permainan Jawi

English Pro Skrabel 2.0
English Pro Skrabel is a word game software based on popular Scrabble games, as well as being a language learning tool. It challenges a player's creativity to produce words out of an arbitrary selection of letters. At the same time, through the incorporation of translation features the game can aid players wishing to develop their English vocabulary.
Jawi Pro Skrabel 1.0
Jawi Pro Skrabel 1.0 is an interactive word game. It has been developed just like skrabel that aimed to help the user developing their skill in spelling Jawi .

Arabic Word Master Pro 2.0

Arabic Word Master Pro 2.0 is an Arabic language game that has been adapt from the Arabic Hangman game. This innovative game has been applied together with the English - Arabic vocabulary.


Insan Kamil (Versi Zuriat Soleh)
Insan kamil version Zuriat Soleh is a guidance and instruction to the Muslim who are going to enter their life into marriage. The cd is also attached together with the doas and hadith that help them to inspire the birth of good children in the future.


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